Nicole B.

Founder, Life and Health Coach 

Domestic Violence Counselor 

Specializes in Narcissistic Abuse Recovery

I have made it my personal mission to help as many individuals as I can to cope with, understand and move past Narcissistic Abuse


Kate M. 

Life and Health Coach 

Specializes in Narcissistic Abuse Recovery

As a survivor of Narcissistic abuse, I transcended the limits of my situation. As your coach, I look forward to supporting you with tools and techniques to help you grow your confidence, identify and establish boundaries, and rediscover your power. 


Jana S.

Life and Health Coach

Specializes in Narcissistic Abuse Recovery

Moving from being the victim of a traumatic situation to becoming a bonafide Survivor is a huge deal and something to be proud of. Now we want to help you to move toward becoming the Victor by harnessing your inner power 


All of our Coaches and Therapists are experts in their field and are Survivors of Domestic Violence or Trauma and ones who have made it their passion to help other survivors overcome the difficult journey of recovery after Domestic Violence and Narcissistic Abuse. 


Ashley W.

Director Of Marketing 

Taking my power back and following my own dreams by helping others heal from Domestic Violence has given my life meaning and purpose! I love it!


Vanessa C.

Fitness and Health Coach

Specializes in Fitness and Strength

Children are especially vulnerable when exposed to trauma or abuse. Take action today to get them the support they need to learn early on how to cope 


Jose Luis U.

Health and Life Coach

Specializes in Narcissistic Abuse towards men

1 in 9 men are assaulted by their domestic partner but very few ever reach out for support. Getting the support you need from someone who understands is important. You matter too. 


Ginger B.

Life Coach

Specializes in Abuse Recovery and Substance Abuse Management Techniques

Taking a bad time in my life and using to help others has come to be such an amazing adventure. Hope to hear from you soon.