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1 on 1 Coaching Options

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We understand how you are feeling

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One on one Coaching Option 

Work Directly with Nicole or Kelly directly one on one. 

In these sessions we will work directly with you to to help you navigate through the difficult transition of overcoming a toxic relationship

WE will teach you curated information to help you make a Permanente shift from powerless over toxic relationships in your life to powerful enough to require healthy relationships going forward in your life.

What is coaching?

Coaches help you identify your current situation

  • We will walk through your current situation and make sense of, and work on clarity, and acceptance. 

We will help you identify what it is you want for your life going forward

  • We will work on getting crystal clear about what it is you want for your life going forward

  • Identify boundaries for ourselves and others 

  • Make a clear plan to move from where you are today to where you want to be in the near future.

We will define and learn the tools necessary to go after and obtain the life you really want!

  • Coaches are masters of habit change

  • We have learned many tools and techniques to help you successfully overcome Narcissistic Abuse​

    • From our years of hands on experience and applying these in our own lives (so we know they work, because they are tested and proven, we are walking testaments to that fact)

    • Years of study and research to develop the latest tools and techniques in the industry curated specifically to your personal needs.

Personal one on one support

  • Sometimes we just want to be heard, validated, and our feelings to matter to someone.

  • A coach is your personal cheerleader and confidant.

  • A support system that will always give you suggestions with your best interest at heart. 

  • Many times you develop a true friend. All of my coaches truly care about people and want to help in this specific cause because they themselves have lived it.

Why 1 on 1 Coaching?

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Book one on one with

My name is Nicole.


I am the creator of The Living Well.

Resilience Coach for overcoming narcissistic abuse and adversity, certified life and health coach, course creator/instructor, survivor of narcissistic abuse, childhood trauma, and a thriver! I am independent researcher, writer and victims advocate. 

I have many years experience with narcissistic abuse and recovery.

I wanted to create a community dedicated to other survivors of domestic violence as a place for healing, emotional development, and personal growth. Myself and my co-creator Kelly Craig as well as many other industry leaders are dedicated to providing you with tools, resources, education, support, validation and care in order to aid you on your own recovery journey. 

We are so proud to have been able to help so many literally all over the world. We will continue to pursue this effort and help as many as possible. 


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Book one on one


Kelly Craig

Kelly Craig , Codependency Coach, Course Instructor and Author of Healing From a Loved Ones Addiction

When a loved one faces addiction it affects all family members not just the addict.  We become consumed by their habits, actions, and way of life.  Our first priority becomes how to help them and we put their lives before our own, forgetting the most important thing of all, ourselves!

I have personally lived through family addiction with my Mom, Dad, Brother and even my own Son.  I have found spirituality to be my guide in healing and I will share my survival techniques with you so when the going is rough you have the inner strength and tools you need to move forward and empower yourself, because in fact, you are powerless over their addiction.

Each of us are given the gift of life and we are truly blessed to live in this amazing world.  But when our worlds’ are turned upside down it is hard to remember who we are and to love ourselves.  Join this group to get the needed assistance means to assist you in healing, strengthening, and focusing on your life while detaching with love.