How To Create A Self Care Toolbox For Coping With Stress

We need to learn how to soothe ourselves. It is our responsibility to manage our own emotions and we CAN MANAGE. Here is a simple list to help you.

Create a Self Care Toolbox. A Self Care Toolbox is a set of tools you can draw on whenever you feel like life is getting too hard and you need help coping. Each person’s toolbox will look different, but some examples are: writing in a journal, using a mindfulness or relaxation app, spending time in nature, exercising or calling a friend.

Step 1: Become aware of what kinds of tools and activities assist in soothing, calming and focusing us. Become a investigator of your own feelings and emotions. Pay close attention to how you feel. Ask yourself “what do I need right now to feel better, or ok?”.

Step 2: Choose the ones that work best for you – a good way to do this, is to go with what interests you the most. Try out a few add ones that help and let go of ones that do not.

Step 3: Make a list (either on paper or in your head) of what tools you can turn to when you feel stressed, anxious, overwhelmed, depleted or depressed.

Some people create their Toolbox as an actual, physical box or bag, filled with a journal, a happy photo, essential oils or inspiring quotes. Other people have a list of activities that they know work for them.

Creating your own Self Care Toolbox can be a very empowering and affective means of transforming your state of mind.

To get you started, here is a list of tools and activities that can be useful for calming and de-stressing:

Go for a walk or run. • Stretch or do some . • Lie flat on the floor and observe your thoughts, without judgement, for 10 minutes (you could imagine your thoughts as floating past you in a stream or as clouds in the sky). • Immerse yourself in water – swim, soak in the bath, have a shower or go to a spa & sauna. • Get out into nature. • Learn some simple breathing techniques and practice one whenever you need to. • Listen to the bible online or read it. • Listen to relaxing music. • Have a massage. • Call a supportive friend. • Read a book. • Dance to loud music in your lounge room. • Eat something super healthy. • Do something creative you enjoy, just because (gardening, drawing, sewing, painting…). • Spend 5 minutes moving slowly and breathing deeply. • Close your eyes and breath in for a count of three, hold, and breath out for a count of four, hold, then repeat five times.

· Use essential oils and supplements to help you deal with stress

· Pray- asking your higher power for help is so important and will help you so much

I also think it’s important to mention that creating a Self Care Toolbox is not just about supporting yourself when stressed, but also about preventing yourself from becoming stressed as easily, through practicing some of your Toolbox activities everyday.

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