Healing your Inner Child by Kelly Craig

- Do you struggle with feeling like you are constantly in survival mode with no destination?

- Do you feel lost at times while you go about your day?

- Do you feel alone and struggle to keep up because your motivation to do anything has been sucked out of you?

- Do you find yourself thinking thoughts about how bad life sucks and how empty you feel?

If you have answered yes to any of these questions then I ask you to keep reading...

From the time you were born till right now, while you are reading this, you have been affected by other people's thoughts, beliefs, and actions.

You have formed your own thoughts, beliefs, and daily habits based on what you believed to be true as you grew, observed, and put emotions towards the thoughts, feelings, and experiences in your life.

Maybe, now as an adult, on the outside, you know that you are a good person and you want more. You tell yourself you can do anything, yet every time you try something new to get ahead, everything just seems to be working against you....??

You see, inside of our mind's we have this amazing thing called the subconscious or unconscious mind. This is where everything is stored.... the good, bad, ugly, and even make-believe.

As we go through our day we use our conscious mind to make decisions and to take action or to talk ourselves out of taking action. But our subconscious is where the stories we tell ourselves throughout the day come from.

We have these stories playing constantly. Sometimes we pay attention to them and we can realize they don’t serve us or they help us to do great things, but sometimes they are so deep we don’t even realize they are there playing and trying to protect us.

The job of our subconscious is to take things we have learned and place them in buckets of good and bad. When we consciously think a thought, our subconscious reminds us of why we should or shouldn’t do something. It is our guardian. However, it can limit us in so many ways....

How do we begin to move forward and change these patterns if we don’t even know what they are?

This is tricky.

First, you must want to create change.

Then you have to dig into why things are holding you back.

These subconscious memories go all the way back to you as a small child.

If you faced trauma, neglect, or were made to feel unworthy as a child, you probably have subconscious stories that you either play over and over or they are stuffed so deep inside you don’t even know they are there anymore…. but they are.

I finally discovered some of the stories I carried and was able to recognize how I was sabotaging myself.

I knew I had to start at the beginning and realize where these stories originated.

It was the beginning of enlightenment. The beginning of feeling good about my daily choices instead of questioning everything or just doing nothing because it wasn't helping anyway....

When I took the time to realize I needed to do healing work to overcome some of the stories that were haunting me as an adult, life became easier, more positive, and I felt so much lighter.

Now today I am teaching others how to take this journey back in time to heal their inner-child and to begin new stories of what you want your life to be like today so it can become true for you.

If you are still reading this then I hope you will consider making an investment in yourself and take a journey to meet your inner-child.

You may discover what he or she has been thinking and feeling all these years and you will get a chance to let that little one know that everything is going to be alright now because you are there and together you can begin to heal.

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