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Stop attracting Toxic Partners today!

Are you over ending up with narcissists, sociopaths, or simply abusive, and/or dysfunctional, toxic partners?

Have you found yourself in one too many dysfunctional relationships?

Many  empathetic people end up in toxic relationships with manipulators.


Empathy is the ability to relate to and feel other people's emotions. While being empathetic is an amazing characteristic to possess, be aware of whose needs and desires you're tuning into. Empaths are drawn to narcissists, and/or toxic people.  Narcissists, users and manipulators love taking advantage of   these type of people who rely on exclusive focus and attention.

Empathic people would naturally appeal to these types.


Meanwhile, an emotionally attuned person is likely to experience gratification or receive positive feedback for their unique emotional accuracy, thus perpetuating the a toxic dynamic and relationships. 

So what can we do?

  • Join a Support group filled with survivors of Narcissistic Abuse who understand what you are dealing with.


  • Join our one on one coaching programs to help you navigate through this difficult terrain, learn the early warning signs to help you identify a manipulator before your in too deep. Learn the tools you need to avoid allowing these types of people in your life.


  • Join our educational program with live courses to help you deal with what you need to learn stop ending up in toxic relationships, learn the signs of toxic relationship patterns and end abuse and/or being used by toxic people forever!

Grief After Narcissistic Abuse

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