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Live Support Groups

on Zoom

We are all getting so much out of meeting weekly together, several times a week in fact. You have a soft place to land with people that get it. You no longer have to sit alone waiting for the narcissist or toxic partner to call or text. Jump on one of our live sessions and listen to others, hear tips and strategies that worked for others, make connections, get validation and emotional support. This is vital for survivors of trauma. Don't be alone. It doesn't serve you. JOIN US

We will ask you to identify yourself with camera for safety reasons.

Please try and RSVP when possible. 


We reserve the right to remove anyone at any time from one of our events or from our entire community.

We hold the safety emotionally and otherwise of our members at the utmost of seriousness and is our first priority

We require all who want to participate to be courteous, uplifting, supportive, kind and respectful at all times .


Any deviation from this strict boundary will be removed and blocked immediately and without warning. 

Also, by participating in our groups, memberships or clubs you absolve the living well and their associates of any and all liability for any and all legal liability. 

The group meetings can cause triggers, please remove yourself from the group and practice self care at all times. Use your own discretion and we do not cover this and can not take responsibility for this in any way.

Many are benefiting and are super happy with what they are gaining, please respect the peace of  others.

If you wish to donate, please do so here:

Donations are used to keep these groups open and free to all who can benefit.  We use these funds to get the word out, pay for subscriptions and keep the rooms open. Feel free to donate here if you heart is inclined.