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My name is Nicole Bigelow. I am the creator of The Living Well. I am a certified life and health coach, survivor of narcissistic abuse, childhood trauma, and a thriver!

I wanted to create a community dedicated to other survivors of domestic violence as a place for healing, emotional development, and personal growth.  As a community we are dedicated to providing you with acceptance, validation, and emotional support.

We offer a variety of services (some low cost to no cost) and some premium packages. 


What do we do:

  • Support groups filled with survivors of narcissistic abuse who understand what you are dealing with.

  • One on one coaching programs to help you navigate through this difficult terrain and to not have to do it alone.

  • An educational program with many live courses to help you deal with what you need to learn as an individual with particular circumstances.

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The Exclusive Survivors Club

  • Exclusive Group meeting with special guests (industry specialists)

  • Access to private FB groups

  • Connect with other women survivors

  • Exclusive offers and discounts to special events

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Included in membership:


Meet Kelly Craig - Co-Founder, Codependency Coach and Author of Healing From a Loved Ones Addiction

When a loved one faces addiction it affects all family members not just the addict.  We become consumed by their habits, actions, and way of life.  Our first priority becomes how to help them and we put their lives before our own, forgetting the most important thing of all, ourselves!

I have personally lived through family addiction with my Mom, Dad, Brother and even my own Son.  I have found spirituality to be my guide in healing and I will share my survival techniques with you so when the going is rough you have the inner strength and tools you need to move forward and empower yourself, because in fact, you are powerless over their addiction.

Each of us are given the gift of life and we are truly blessed to live in this amazing world.  But when our worlds’ are turned upside down it is hard to remember who we are and to love ourselves.  Join this group to get the needed assistance means to assist you in healing, strengthening, and focusing on your life while detaching with love. 


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Conference Room

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The School of Narcissistic Abuse Recovery   

Hurry! Limited spots available and this class is filling up!

Included in the program:

  • 1 weekly live class online 

  • Group coaching 

  • Training on the latest in modern technology to overcome narcissistic and toxic relationships

  • Tips, tools, strategies, and resources to help cope with and heal abuse and the physical ramifications 

  • Join a supportive community of individuals overcoming and dealing with narcissistic abuse

  • Unlimited access to weekly support groups

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