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My name is Nicole Bigelow. I am the creator of The Living Well. I am a certified life and health coach, survivor of narcissistic abuse, childhood trauma, and a thriver!

I wanted to create a community dedicated to other survivors of domestic violence as a place for healing, emotional development, and personal growth.  As a community we are dedicated to providing you with acceptance, validation, and emotional support.

We offer a variety of services (some low cost to no cost) and some premium packages. 


What do we do:

  • Support groups filled with survivors of narcissistic abuse who understand what you are dealing with.

  • One on one coaching programs to help you navigate through this difficult terrain and to not have to do it alone.

  • An educational program with many live courses to help you deal with what you need to learn as an individual with particular circumstances.

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The School of Narcissistic Abuse Recovery   

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Included in the program:

  • 1 weekly live class online 

  • Group coaching 

  • Training on the latest in modern technology to overcome narcissistic and toxic relationships

  • Tips, tools, strategies, and resources to help cope with and heal abuse and the physical ramifications 

  • Join a supportive community of individuals overcoming and dealing with narcissistic abuse

  • Unlimited access to weekly support groups

Meet The Instructors


Nicole Bigelow

Certified Life and Health Coach

Narc Buster!

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Join me and lets discover how to unhook ourselves from the death grip of narcissistic abuse and regain our personal power and control over our lives.

Kelly Craig

Codependency& Empowerment


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As codependents, we learn from a very young age to not feel good enough.  Join me on the journey to begin to change to reach the goal of recovered, strong, vibrant, and confident. We must go through a journey of healing together.

Sam Lancaster

Self Love Coach

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I am a self love warrior leading woman. Join me in class! We will cultivate the person you were made to be, not the person that abuse has made you believe you are!

Kate Marshal

Introspective Coach

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Join me in class to discover a new peace within. Recovering from abuse and adversity can leave you confused and disoriented. Let us explore your mind and how your thoughts control your reality and work to shift these beliefs to build a life you love.

Tierra Womack

Confidence & Success Coach

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As an international speaker & transformational coach, Tierra loves to inspire women
to overcome lack of self-worth and elevate financially, spiritually, emotionally, and mentally.
Join us in class and start to connect spiritually to
become more fulfilled, discover your purpose, & become a version of themselves that
they are in love with!

Samar Raman

Therapist and Relationship Coach

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Discover the secrets to rebuilding your self-confidence to attracting your dream relationship

without settling for less!

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